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ERGOBABY Carrier 360

ERGOBABY Carrier 360

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ERGOBABY Carrier 360 Premium Cotton pure black with infant insert

Experience the advantages of the Ergobaby Carrier 360° and carry your child safely with you when shopping, going for a walk or around the house. With the clever Ergobaby Carrier 360°, you can carry your darling in 4 different positions and offer him a 360° all-round view so that you can discover the world together. Thanks to the excellent design, you can carry your child from around 4 months up to the age of 3 in the anatomically correct spread-squat position. But the Ergobaby Carrier can also be used for newborns and babies under 4 months old. The newborn insert (optionally available) was specially developed for this purpose, which enables carrying in the Ergobaby Carrier from birth in the sitting/cradling position or in the spread-squat position. The weight of the child is distributed very intelligently on the hips and not only on the shoulders of the wearer, allowing hours of comfortable carrying without pain for parents and child. The Ergobaby Carrier is recommended by pediatricians and midwives worldwide.

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