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Jacqueline Wilson

Candy floss

Candy floss

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Floss' folks are separated, and she splits her week, going through five days with her mum, her new stepdad and her child relative. The other two days Floss goes through with her father, helping him to run his oily spoon bistro. In any case, their straightforward plan is tossed into chaos when Floss' mum chooses to move to Australia.

Settling on the troublesome choice to remain at home, Floss moves in for all time with her father and they tangle along joyfully together, making due on chip butties and getting a charge out of visits to the neighborhood funfair. However, calamity strikes - Dad's cash inconveniences find him and they need to move out of the bistro. They're destitute - yet can their new carnival companions help out?
No. of Pages: 368
Age: 9-11 years

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