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Love to Dream

Love Swaddle

Love Swaddle

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Love to swaddle up original
Swaddling helps babies sleep by making them feel safe and helping to calm their natural startle reflex. Simply place your baby's legs in the leg section and your arms in the "wings" of the baby blanket. Wrap the sides over the baby and zip them over his chest. This allows your baby to sleep in a natural position with their arms raised! In addition, your child can use their hands to calm themselves down.
The surface of this baby wrap is soft, gentle and breathable. It is also very convenient and convenient for parents to use.
Ideal for room temperatures between 20 and 24 ° C
Unique, patented wings allow the arms to be positioned naturally
Size: Upto 6 months, 8.5 kg to 11 kg. Max child height 76 cm

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