The Gift Box Project

The Gift Box Project began in 1996 with an objective of bringing happiness to less fortunate young children. The team at Gift Box Project sends gift boxes containing a nice set of treats, toys etc.  to underprivileged children in Eastern Europe; children who have never received a gift, many of whom live in incredible poverty.

  • 25 Years

    Each year for the last 25 Years gift boxes are sent to underprivileged children in Eastern Europe

  • 46000

    Until today more than 46,000 disadvantaged children have been made happy  by receiving a gift box

  • Goddies

    The Gift Box contains a nice set of treats, candies and toys, as well as toiletries and especially school supplie

  • School Supplies

    • Writing pens and pencils (about 4 of each)
    • 1 set of coloured drawing pencils/felt tips
    • 2 school exercise books (about 50 pages each)
    • pencil sharpener & eraser
  • Toiletries  & Toys

    • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Soap and Shampoo and/or shower gel
    • 3 or 4 small toys and a soft toy (5-14 years)
  • Sweets & biscuits

    • 2 bars of chocolate 
    • 250 grams of other candy
    • Boxed biscuits or 3 or 4 biscuits

The GiftBox Project team will put together the Gift box on your behalf & send to the Children

Spreading Joy!

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Tyrrian Livesley

Tyrrian is the  founder of the Gift Box Project. She is from North of England and came to Switzerland in 1974. She started project/appeal in 1996

"For those of you new to the appeal this is a non-religious humanitarian appeal. We send Gift Boxes to needy children in Eastern Europe, children who have never had a gift, many living way below the poverty line in desperate conditions.

Each one of these boxes has brought happiness, hope and enjoyment to a small child and for others it has also been life changing.

We hope you will help us with your participation in continuing this project helping needy children to feel loved